The Clear Orthodontic Solution: Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign® treatment can dramatically improve your smile by correcting misaligned teeth and filling minor gaps. A clear benefit of Invisalign® is improved aesthetics, but the custom treatment can also significantly reduce the risk of gum disease and other oral health conditions that can take root in these gaps. Invisalign® is available to patients of all ages, including the specialized Invisalign Teen® program at Dr. Sylvia Guerrero's dental practice in Chicago, IL.

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Revolutionary Treatment

The secret to Invisalign® is the subtle shifting of teeth using clear plastic aligners. The aligners come in a series, with each set in the series varying in shape from the previous. This process slowly moves teeth to their desired positions. During your initial consultation, Dr. Guerrero will evaluate your smile to determine if Invisalign® is right for you, and discuss what you can expect to achieve by choosing this treatment.

"Dr. Guerrero and her team are committed to making sure your treatment provides the results you had hoped for."

By combining your goals with measurements and scans of your smile, Dr. Guerrero can design your custom clear plastic aligners. After your initial visit and exam, she will order a full set of trays that you can pick up on your next visit. During this appointment, she will review maintenance tips and treatment instructions with you. We will also schedule follow-up visits to monitor your progress during the course of treatment, and to make any necessary adjustments as your teeth move into position.

Once you have progressed through your series of clear plastic aligners, your treatment is complete. Dr. Guerrero and her team are committed to making sure your treatment provides the results you had hoped for, so we make absolutely certain you are satisfied before completing treatment. We will check to make sure that your bite is comfortable, and that there is no staining or other tooth conditions.

Maintenance and Care

Invisalign® patients must have the discipline to wear their clear plastic aligners for 22 hours each day for maximum effectiveness. The trays can be removed while eating, but patients will need to brush their teeth immediately following meals to avoid staining. The trays need only minor maintenance, which Dr. Guerrero will review with you in detail before you begin treatment.

Candidates for Treatment

Anyone with a desire to address misalignment of their teeth and gaps in their smile can be a candidate for Invisalign®. It is a discreet and effective alternative to traditional, metal braces. Patients in need of restorative treatments may need to undergo these first before they can be approved for Invisalign®.

Additionally, some tooth alignment issues may be too severe for Invisalign® to correct. For these patients, Dr. Sylvia Guerrero can contact her network of trusted, local dental professionals to assist you in your dental care.

Achieve a Straighter Smile

Dr. Sylvia Guerrero wants every patient to leave her office happy and satisfied with their dental work. To begin straightening your teeth and improving your smile with Invisalign® aligners, contact our practice today. Our friendly and experienced dental professionals will be happy to schedule your personal consultation.

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