Restore Form and Function to Your Smile with Custom Dentures

Those with several missing or damaged teeth know that these dental health issues can affect far more than just the ability to talk and chew. Dentures are a comprehensive solution for many patients experiencing tooth loss, significantly improving their dental health, as well as their confidence. Modern dentures are much more comfortable and natural-looking than they ever were. Dr. Sylvia Guerrero provides custom-made dentures at her dental practice in Chicago, IL. During a one-on-one consultation, she can review dentures and the treatment process in detail, as well as discuss your candidacy. 

Patient holding dentures in their hand.
Dentures replace missing or damaged teeth while eliminating pain and the risks associated with tooth root decay

Understanding Dentures

Dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth in your smile. Dr. Sylvia Guerrero can fit you with either full or partial dentures. The teeth of a denture appliance are prosthetic, usually made from plastic or porcelain, and are attached to a supporting structure. Patients can remove their dentures when they sleep and during cleaning.

Preparing for Dentures

Many patients will require restorative treatments to address the oral health issues present in their smile before they are ready for dentures. This often includes tooth extraction, but Dr. Guerrero can discuss whether partial dentures are a better option for you, based on how many of your teeth are still healthy.

You may also need to undergo treatment for gum disease, a dental health issue that would be treated separately, and cannot be remedied through denture restoration. The full course of these treatments will be discussed and scheduled when you visit us for a consultation.

Options to Consider

It is important that you have a solid set of dental goals when you meet with Dr. Guerrero about denture treatment plans. We almost always recommended that you retain as many of your healthy teeth as possible, and can create a wide variety of custom partial dentures to meet that goal. For patients with one healthy arch and one compromised arch, we take molds and measurements to create an arch that fits comfortably and looks natural alongside your other teeth.

"Dentures are among the most dramatic improvements you can make to your smile."

If you choose partial dentures, you may want to consider a teeth whitening treatment, so that you can select a brighter denture to match. All of our dentures are custom-made at our partner laboratory, and can be designed with a variety of specifications that you will be asked about during your consultation.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures can restore form and function to your smile, and provide a variety of oral health benefits. Replacing damaged and broken teeth with dentures eliminates the pain and health risks associated with tooth and root decay. The cosmetic benefits of dentures are immediate, and they have helped many patients smile and speak with restored confidence. Dentures can provide a more symmetrical and full smile, often making a big difference in your overall appearance. 

Restore Your Smile Today

Dentures are among the most dramatic improvements you can make to your smile, and are always custom-made to fit your lifestyle, as well as your dental needs. To schedule a consultation with an experienced dental professional, contact the practice of Dr. Sylvia Guerrero today.

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